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Netnography and Social Network Analysis

Conferencia en University of Pennsylvania sobre Netnography and Social Network Analysis: Researching Social Structure and Online Meaning

We live in a dense social network of interactions that connect us to people, information, events, and places, facilitating or constraining the flow of information, ideas, and perceptions into an instant and massive communication system.

Early ethnographers moved to remote communities in search of human social uniqueness preserved by geographic isolation. Today that sense of remote location is all but impossible due to the global spread of the Internet, which has transformed collective communication and the ability of people to simultaneously act as audience members and broadcasters.

In his talk, Dr. Miguel del Fresno presents social network theory and analysis (SNA) as a useful conceptual framework and a robust set of methods for understanding, analyzing, and representing the pattern of social online interactions, such as Twitter, that surround thousands of individuals, forming an enormous network of connections and interactions. Del Fresno explores the deployment of the Internet and how people adapt their social life to it.


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